Friday, July 24, 2009

because the world is round

we are young and hungry for love. 
you smile, as if you are hopeful, but the days go by so slow when he doesn't call. 
 I wish I could catch what you have, 
but all is quiet in this cage of bone.
i love it when you don't wear makeup.
she comes to my house, and takes off her clothes. she says its hot in my apartment, and i feel the sweat start trickling down my back. 
 we are half naked , creating.
 she sews buttons on gloves and i write songs about witches, the desert,and sirens.

time is in seattle. he gave me henry the guitar, so that i wouldn't be so lonely.
when i stay with him, i sleep by the window in the front room. 
i see the lonely cat chase flies, and i read the book time recommended.
he is right, i am just like the main character.
we make music that is honest.
this is a song we wrote. 

Lilofee made a music video, is writing her second album, and plays at the Rickshaw on the 31st.

American Playground is coming.

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