Monday, October 12, 2009

Star Child.

star child runs through the forest
shes always trying to score
another piece of the sky

angels are beautiful demons
and i know that even heroes
carry the guilt of the unsaved

hide here, i ask whose watching us
she says, the world is caught on my dress
the legend you love, is a miserable lover

so breathe in, the air that i breathe out
like waves we speak in rolling tongues
but you keep moving on

calls me, from an unlisted number
husky voice, love me like im younger
remember what i used to be

wild youth,she was terror
red mouth warrior, ill fated bearer
of the days without sun

darlin, i havent seen you for days
and your face is the reason that space and time
make no sense to me, your the epiphany
that complicates my life in the sweetest way
you breathe in my day
and sleep away the nights
wrapped inside your legs and arms
drinking in your lovely charms
theres no need for false alarms
i will stay with you

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